ChatGPT & AI with Valerie Garcia (April 12, 2023)

For this RealTour, we welcomed Valerie Garcia to help our members learn more about one of the fastest growing and evolving technologies. AI not only has the power to completely change your business... it's already happening right now.

In this meeting, Valerie talked about how to harness the power of ChatGPT in practical and tactical ways. You’ll see live examples of ways to create content and implement it immediately. Discover how to format prompts that work, how to use the info it generates, and how to improve every single part of your business .

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ChatGPT Prompts 

Please note: This information was shared to GBAR members on April 12, 2023 and is subject to change as the technolog0y progresses. The recording is intended only for GBAR Members and we ask you do not share the link in any way.

Thrive No Matter What with Leigh Brown (September 2022)

With mortgage rates up and buyer demand softening, the strong seller’s market of the last several years appears to be near its end.  What are you doing to prepare for and survive this shift in the market?  Attend our next RealTour session for a presentation from veteran Realtor® and real estate educator Leigh Brown in which she will offer insights on how to keep your business healthy as the economy and housing market slows.  You’ll receive tips on the tools, market data, and sales and counseling techniques necessary to support today’s home buyers and sellers in order to provide a different level of professionalism, not to mention the information, solutions and hope they need as they confront the realities of the changing market. Want to learn more about How to Dominate During This Recession?  Leigh Brown is offering her 5-modle, on-demand course at a 10% discount for GBAR members. This course will to help you get educated on how to manage changing markets, action steps for what to do, and most importantly, what to say so that you can work hard to protect the American dream. Get more listings, secure more buyers, and grow your business no matter what the market is doing. Learn more and register here!

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Legal Hotline FAQs, Common Complaints & Disciplinary Actions (March 2022)

For this live webinar event we have a panel of attorneys and real estate officials who will discuss the latest hot topics and most frequently asked questions from the GBAR & MAR Legal Hotlines, as well as the more common complaints and disciplinary actions being addressed by our state licensing agency.

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Rental Voucher Programs: Fact vs. Fiction (November 2021)

Over the past year, rental vacancies have risen sharply, but there also is no shortage of misconceptions about various state and federal housing voucher and rental assistance programs. At this session, a panel of government officials and housing industry experts will help demystify HUD’s Section 8 program, the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, and the state’s Rental Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) homelessness prevention program. Specifically, attendees will learn how these programs are funded and operate; participant eligibility criteria and rent payment procedures, and guidelines for the property inspection and approval processes for housing units. Demystifying Housing Voucher and Residential Assistance Programs After this program, you will be able to properly inform clients (i.e. landlords, property owners and managers) and set their expectations about each program, as well as help reduce opportunities for source of income discrimination in the local market.

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