What is the Code of Ethics and how does it impact me and my business?

NAR’s Code of Ethics is the single factor that distinguishes REALTORS® from other real estate licensees or practitioners. The Code of Ethics is universally recognized by practitioners, lawyers and laymen alike as the measure of professionalism in real estate. When you follow the Code in your real estate business, you are telling your fellow practitioners and the public that you are performing at the highest levels of professional practice, standards and general business conduct.

The Code is updated annually, in response to changes in the industry. It is a “living document” that has guided REALTORS® for over 100 years. REALTORS® must also complete a 2.5 hour Code of Ethics training every three years to ensure that they are aware of changes to the Code, as well as refresh their skills and knowledge in the application of the Code to their business practices.

If a business practice issue or monetary dispute occurs during a transaction, the Article 17 of the Code requires that REALTORS® file an ethics complaint or request for arbitration, before they litigate. This process is designed to educate practitioners on appropriate business practices and resolve commission disputes in an expedient and low-cost manner

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