The Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® is pleased to offer CasePro, a new ProStandards management platform which will streamline the process for managing ethics and arbitration cases and will making the complaint procedures more efficient for our members and the public. CasePro allows easy access to submit grievances or requests for arbitration online, and will help keep our members organized.

Features Include:
  • Complaint SubmissionCollect all Ethics and Arbitration submission online – including supporting documentation
  • Case Administration: Simplify the process with a data-driven intelligent system that knows how to route cases
  • Panel Management: Organize member-volunteers, create panels and schedule committee meetings
  • Summary Reporting: Generate summary reports to share with state and national associations

File an Arbitration Request (Login required)
File an Ethics Complaint​


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GBAR New Member Orientation- Agency Webinar
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