What is Foundations?
  • A 5-day, entry-level course, covering the fundamentals of commercial real estate administration, management, building systems, accounting/reporting, contract management, and more. 
For all experience levels, Foundations...
  • Reinforces on-the-job training for junior and assistant property managers.
  • Provides “feet on the ground” experience and exposure for administrative assistants and students considering a career in commercial real estate.
  • Offers a great refresher for experienced professionals—fills training gaps and provides important management and operations updates.
  • Supports suppliers and building engineers who benefit from understanding the basics of real estate management.

The Foundations Curriculum - What You'll Learn
  • Module 1: Real Estate Administration
  • Module 2: The Well-Versed Real Estate Manager
  • Module 3: Building Operations I
  • Module 4: Building Operations II
  • Module 5: Putting It All Together
Coming in Spring and Fall 2023

For questions, please contact Allison Silva, [email protected].


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