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Each year, the TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) Awards recognize the best and brightest in property management, building operations, and service in the real estate industry. There are 17 categories for The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards and 9 categories for the Industry (People) Awards. Since the TOBYs are Internationally recognized, the local winners move on to the Regional TOBY Competition, and hopefully the International TOBY Competition.

The awards are presented annually at the TOBY & Industry Awards Dinner in November each year.

Building Entries represent the best in building operations and management across 17 categories:

  • Corporate Facility
  • Earth
  • Historical Building
  • Industrial Office Building
  • Lab *Local Awards Only 
  • Medical Office Building
  • Mixed-Use *New in 2017
  • Public Assembly *New in 2017
  • Renovated Building
  • Retail
  • Suburban Office Park (Low-Rise)
  • Suburban Office Park (Mid-Rise)
  • Under 100,000 Square Feet
  • 100,000-249,999 Square Feet
  • 250,000-499,999 Square Fee
  • 500,000 – 1 Million Square Feet
  • Over 1 Million Square Feet

Industry Award Categories:

  • Rising Professional of the Year *New in 2018
  • Property Manager of the Year (Low-Rise)
  • Property Manager of the Year (Mid-Rise)
  • Property Manager of the Year (High-Rise)
  • Property Manager of the Year (Suburban)
  • Engineer of the Year
  • Executive Engineer of the Year
  • Affiliate Member of the Year
  • Affiliate Company of the Year

*Please note, people who win an Industry Award at the BOMA Boston TOBY & Industry Awards only win at the local Award level.

How to Enter a Building into the TOBY Awards Competition:

  1. Read the current cycle's Call For Entries Requirement Packet to learn more about your building's eligibility for each category. Once you have decided that you are eligible and would like to enter the upcoming TOBY Awards competition, please email Kayla Burmeister to let us know you are submitting.​

  2. Register your building and begin building content for your building submission, based on the information found in the Call For Entries packet. You may begin entering your data into the online portal, which can be found at   *Not available for submittals for next award cycle until June 2018

  3. When you are satisfied with your entry and you are ready to submit, click on the "submit" button in the portal. Please note: once you hit the "submit" button, your entry is final and you will not be able to go back and make updates. The portal will prompt you to enter a coupon code - you must enter the coupon code BOSTON19. To do this, select "Coupon Code" from the "Card Type" drop-down menu on the payment screen. This will allow you to submit your building for local competition without paying regional/international entry fees. Note: Once local competition concludes at the BOMA Boston TOBY & Industry Awards Dinner, your application will be released by BOMA International for your review and updating should you move onto the Regional TOBY Competition.

  4. Please let BOMA Boston know that you have submitted your entry and you will be charged a $150 entry fee by BOMA Boston to enter your building into the competition.

  5. After you have submitted your building information online and paid the entry fee for the competition, BOMA Boston judges will begin reviewing your entry online. BOMA Boston judging groups are also required to tour your buildings. In order to prepare for your building tour, please take a look at the Building Inspection Form that TOBY Judges will be using to evaluate your property.

  6. When judging is complete, BOMA Boston will be alerted who the Building Winners are for each category. All TOBY Award winners are kept a secret until the night of the Awards Dinner.

Information for TOBY Award Judges:

TOBY Judging groups are comprised of property managers, facility managers, engineers and affiliate vendors/service providers. To join the Judging Committee, please contact Kayla Burmeister.You must be a BOMA Boston Member in order to participate as a TOBY Judge. More information on this process will be shared to the BOMA membership in June 2018. 

Next, you are required to review a mandatory judging webinar; instructions on this will be provided after you join the TOBY Judging Committee.

Important TOBY & Industry Award Dates & Deadlines for 2018:

  • Call for Entries Packet - Industry Awards - Available to Membership: Late May / Early June 
  • Call for Entries Packet - TOBY Awards - Available to Membership: June TBD 
  • Deadline for Building and Industry Submissions: Monday, September 10
  • Mandatory Judging Webinar: September 10 - 14
  • Optional Judging Conference Calls: September 17 & 18 
  • Submission Reviews by Judges: September 19 - October 4
  • Building Tours: October 4 - October 19
  • Winners Submitted in Online Portal by Judges: October 19
  • This year's TOBY & Industry Awards Dinner will take place on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.


Please contact Kayla Burmeister, Assistant Director of Membership & Events, at or 617-399-7863.


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