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Massachusetts Apartment Association

The Massachusetts Apartment Association (MAA) Member logo may be used by a member in their marketing materials, advertisements, signage, letterhead, etc, to indicate membership in the association. The logo may not be used in a manner that could be construed as an endorsement by MAA of a member, their goods or services. Members must be current in their dues to use the MAA logo.

MEMBER Logo Guidelines
The following guidelines must be followed to insure consistency in logo usage:

  1. Do not alter the logo in any way including separating the logo, adding another company name, using part of the logo as a separate graphic element or incorporating any part of the logo another logo.
  2. Do not print the logo over other patterns.
  3. Do not distort or skew logo in any way.
  4. Do not create drop shadows on the logo.
  5. Do not place anything over the logo

Use only electronic versions of the logo provided by the MAA Office. Saving logos from our website is prohibited.

  1. Web: use the .gif formatted logo.
  2. Word Documents: use the .jpeg formatted logo.
  3. Marketing Materials: Use the sizeable .eps formatted logo.

Color, Placement, size
The MAA Member logo may be PMS 280, black or reversed-out white. Never use two color or gray scale applications. Placement of the logo is typically in the lower left or lower right hand corners of a printed page. A 1⁄4 inch space should be left between the logo and other elements on a page or between the logo and the edge of the paper. The logo should be no smaller than 3⁄4 inch in height.

Please contact Courtney Sullivan at [email protected] to receive logo files. 


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