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Bullet is about 8 years old and loves carrots, grapes and lettuce!  He is super friendly and comes when he is called!  Yes he does and he tries to run away all the time! We have legit lost him for several days and luckily enough he came back

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Lucky is our family’s healing journey dog. We had recently lost both our senior dogs back to back (Spock 13 year old Pitbull) to old age in November & our other (Tweak 13 year old Yorkie) to a pack of coyotes night after last Christmas. We needed to switch up the vibe in the house so we found Lucky! He’s been the best thing for my family. Super smart and loyal breed

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Koda Bear

Sweet English black lab named after the Disney movie Brother Bear. He is my shadow and loves his brothers Lucca and Gus. He is now 11 months old and close to 70 lbs. 

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Mango the Magnificent Mongrel! A rare mix of Dachshund, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, and several other popular breeds.

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Remy is a 5 month old mini golden doodle. He loves all people, animals, sounds, and smells. He loves to retrieve any of his toys and run off leash at the dog park.  He’s come with us everywhere this summer from baseball games, to pool/birthday parties, to weekend getaways. He’s the hit of every party and gathering! Lovable like a real live teddy bear! And he loves his job (still learning on the job) as an emotional support animal for our family. 

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This is TK, which is short for Temporary Kitty, and she participates in almost every Zoom call. Over 11 years ago I found her in my driveway on a cold December night crying under my car, she was a shivering tiny black ball of fur, abandoned, and about 6 weeks old. Yes, and she's still here!

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Meet Whitney! She is an adorable 4-year-old French Bulldog.  She came into my life to supply comfort to me after a string of devastating family losses. Today she accompanies me on many of my showings.  Together we hold yard sales and various other activities to raise money for our local MSPCA. Whitney loves small kiddie pools, digging in newly applied mulch and making people laugh watching her zoom around in circles. She is the sweetest little girl and frankly my life saver.

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Inspired by a town in Italy, we named our little black furry ball of energy a strong name which he has grown into. He is a total adoring member of our family. Loves hikes and swimming too! 

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