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By: Darryl Davis

To work with builders, your skill level has to be at the next level. From communication to presentation to organization to marketing — raise the stakes to develop these relationships

One topic that has come up again and again on our weekly coaching calls is “how to work with builders.” That’s a good sign of the times that, hopefully, the new construction side of our industry, which took a big hit during the pandemic, is on the rise. 

According to a recent Forbes article which shared a Redfin report, “A record 29 percent of single-family homes for sale in the third quarter were newly constructed, climbing from 25 percent in the same period last year and 18 percent in 2020, thanks in part to the highest number of new homes finishing construction and entering the market since 2007.” 

I love when agents want to carve out a new niche for their businesses, so I’ve put together six tips for you to connect and partner with builders. 

Do your research 

Before you start looking for a property builder, it’s essential to understand the builder you are considering working with. You need to know what types of properties they specialize in, their reputation in the industry, and how long they have been in business. 

This will give you an idea of which builder is best suited for a partnership, particularly if you enjoy working with a particular style of home or a certain group of people as a niche. 

Start marketing yourself to the builder you want to work with 

The best place to begin marketing yourself to builders is to make a list of the small to medium-sized builders in your area. The reasoning behind networking and marketing to them rather than the large builders is that most of the smaller companies have the disadvantage of having to work on their sites and manage all their projects and are too busy to start thinking about locating land for the next one. 

One of the best ways to impress a builder is to prospect for land for them. Because of their busy schedule, having an agent that can actively bring them land to develop is a plus and a great way to start your collaboration off as a win-win.  

Ask for an audition 

Offer to market one of their models or one of their homes that have been on the market for a while but aren’t getting any takers. Explain that you’d like to use the property as your “audition” so they can see your skills. 

Understand their processes for construction, sales and negotiation 

Every property builder has their own process when it comes to negotiating and closing deals. Knowing what steps are involved in their process will help you plan ahead and discuss a partnership agreement that will ensure everything goes smoothly. 
It’s also important to know who the key people are that you need to contact or be familiar with during the process so you can make sure you are communicating with the people who need to be in the know. 

Put your marketing hat on 

Open Houses, direct mail, door knocking, social media, the works – all need to be in your marketing arsenal to promote the property effectively. Think both old-school and high-tech when you create your plan to market for a builder. They want to see not just a savvy salesperson but a marketing effort that will help to drive buyers to their business. 

Establish clear communication channels 

Real estate is 80 percent learning how to use language to communicate. We use words and phrases to plant seeds, negotiate offers, present a marketing plan, prospect, and every other piece of the real estate puzzle. 

Effective communication is key when it comes to any successful collaboration project or relationship between two parties, so make sure that clear communication channels are established from day one! Regular updates via email or phone calls can help keep everyone on track and ensure that everyone’s needs are being met throughout the process. 

When partnering with a real estate builder, think about what drives them. How can you take their goals and help them not only achieve them but ultimately help them grow their business and their customer base? 

To work with builders, your skill level has to be at your next level. From communication to presentation to organization to marketing — it’s time to raise the stakes to develop these relationships. Dive in. Have fun.

Darryl Davis is a speaker, coach, and the bestselling author of How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate, as well as the CEO of Darryl Davis Seminars

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