The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® is seeking candidates from Greater Boston to serve as trustees to the Massachusetts REALTORS® Political Action Committee (Mass. RPAC) and Massachusetts REALTORS® Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee (Mass. RIEPAC).  Each trustee position is a three-year term, beginning January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025, and members chosen agree to serve voluntarily without compensation.  Elections will take place in August at the regional meeting of the MAR State Directors, and notification must be made to MAR Greater Boston Region Vice President Jim Major no later than August 2 in order for a candidate’s name to appear on the meeting agenda. 

Mass. RPAC operates exclusively for the purpose of collecting political contributions as defined by the IRS, including the expenditure of funds to support or oppose referenda questions and to further the candidacy of individuals for nomination or election to any federal, state or local elective public office.  Meanwhile, the RIEPAC was created as a program through which MAR can access funds from NAR to engage in independent expenditures (IEs) in contested state-level campaigns.  IEs expressly advocate for the election of a candidate without any coordination with a candidate or candidate’s campaign.  

Among the specific duties of individual RPAC trustees are:
1) To solicit RPAC investments from REALTORS®. 
2) To speak on behalf of the State RPAC program on all available occasions. 
3) To actively participate in all programs sponsored by the State RPAC. 
4) To approve contributions to State Legislative Candidates, and make recommendations to National RPAC for contributions to Federal Candidates. 
5) To keep informed of the political situation in their State and Congressional district. 

The responsibilities of RIEPAC Trustees include: 
a) To attend all Mass RIEPAC Trustees meetings 
b) To speak on behalf of the Mass RIEPAC program at appropriate occasions 
c) To approve expenditures on behalf of State candidates 
d) To keep informed of the political situation in their MAR Region

For additional information and questions about the work of the Mass. RPAC and Mass. RIEPAC Boards of Trustees contact Zach Ryan at 781-839-5515.

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