Join RHA and become a part of one of the New England's largest and most dynamic real estate associations.

There are two types of RHA membership: Industry and Affiliate. 

Industry Member:

Those who are involved in the ownership or management of commercial property (property managers, condominium managers, developers, maintenance technicians, leasing professionals, brokers, real estate agents, etc.). 

RHA Industry membership is Company-wide vs. Individual.  There is one Principal member who is billed the company dues and will be responsible for reporting any additional company employee that wants to be a member.  

 Each additional Member from a company is FREE to add and there is no cap for how many people you can add. In order for each additional member to receive the full RHA value and benefits, including a NAA Membership, they will need to be reported on a company roster. To learn more about how to submit the company roster and to download a template, please visit 

Companies with 100 units or less with be billed $310 for the year. Companies with 101 units or more will be billed $500 for the year. The company membership cost will be billed to the current Principal Member. Units will also still be billed to the Principal Member - the more units a company has, the less per unit it costs. 

To join RHA download the RHA Industry Application
To sign up for a Committee download the Committee Sign Up Form

Affiliate Member:

Those who provide a service or product to the rental housing industry (restoration specialists, construction companies, cleaning companies, lawyers, etc.). 

To join RHA download the RHA Affiliate Application
To sign up for a Committee download the Committee Sign Up Form

 If you are still not sure which category of Membership you fall under, please feel free to discuss your company and position with a member of the RHA Membership Department.

**Please note that payment must be submitted with applications in order to be processed as a member.**
Your completed application may be returned to RHA Membership Dept via email to or mailed with a check to:

RHA Membership 
Three Center Plaza, Mezzanine Level 
Boston, MA 02108


Contact Kayla Burmeister, Assistant Director of Membership & Events, at or 617-399-7863. 


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