One of the main benefits of being a BOMA Boston member is our commitment to education.
BOMA Boston partners with BOMI International to offer a variety of professional designations for property managers, facility managers and building engineers. Throughout the commercial property industry, a BOMI designation is recognized as a mark of distinction, backed by BOMI’s more than 40 years of excellence in developing and offering advanced education programs.
BOMA Boston and BOMI are two separate organizations who work together to provide the best opportunities for further education in the real estate industry.

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   Real Property Administrator (RPA®)

BOMI International’s RPA designation program serves the educational needs of both third-party property managers and corporate property managers. By becoming familiar with the many facets of operating a commercial building, the RPA designation program assists you in integrating these issues into the broader task of property management. You will gain the insight and knowledge necessary to analyze a building in its entirety: from the basics of building design, operation and maintenance, to the specialized areas of commercial property law and risk management, marketing and asset management. The RPA program teaches you to maximize a building’s net income while minimizing risks, thereby enhancing your standing in the industry and positioning you for long-term success and achievement. To earn the RPA designation, you are required to complete eight courses, in person or online, along with the exam for each course.  Learn More About the RPA Designation               Read RPA Quick Facts and Value

Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®)

The Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®) designation program benefits new and experienced facilities professionals. Through the in-depth coverage of critical-needs topics—including planning and project management, facilities technologies, finance and investment, and environmental health and worker safety issues—the FMA program helps position facilities managers as key strategic contributors within their organizations. To earn the FMA designation, you are required to complete eight courses, in person or online, along with the exam for each course. Learn More About the FMA Designation.       Read FMA Quick Facts and Value 


Looking to develop your property management skills or take your career to the next level? Whether you are new to the industry or a professional looking to enhance your skills or gain recognition, a BOMI International certificate program is right for you. All certificate programs provide the fundamental knowledge you need to better understand your job responsibilities and are a great way to begin your journey toward earning a BOMI International designation.

BOMA Boston's Certificate Programs are designed so that students can earn their certificate in 1 - 2 years! To earn a PAC, PMFP, or FMP  Certificate, students must complete the three courses, along with the exam for each course.

Property Administrator Certificate (PAC)

The PAC Program is perfect for new and experienced professionals who are responsible for a single office building or a portfolio of real estate assets. The certificate concentrates on the design and operation of the office building, as well as best practices in the area of accounting and financial controls. From featured applications to real-time scenarios, this program will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to maximize the value, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your portfolio.

Required Courses for the PAC: Design, Operations, & Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I; Design, Operations, & Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II; and Budgeting & Accounting. Learn more about PAC.

Property Management Financial Proficiency (PMFP)

The PMFP program is recommended for those responsible for analyzing, managing, and investing in real estate assets. Whether you are working directly for a building owner, or to a firm providing property management and financial analysis, the PMFP is the perfect certificate to achieve the knowledge and recognition necessary in this fast-paced career. From improving overall efficiency to making confident investment decisions, this program provides the knowledge you need to property manage your assets, add value to your portfolio, and contribute to the profitability of your company.
Required Courses for the PMFP: Budgeting & Accounting; Asset Management; and Real Estate Investment & Finance. Learn more about PMFP.

Facilities Management Certificate (FMC)
Ideal for those who manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of facilities. The FMC program provides an overview of information that is vital to running an efficient facility. Upon completion of this program, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage and maintain cost-effective facilities that operate at peak performance levels.
Required Courses for the PAC: Design, Operations, & Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I; Design, Operations, & Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II; Fundamentals of Facilities Management. Learn more about FMC. 

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