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Real Estate Rewind 2011

The Real Estate Rewind, an online quarterly report summarizing residential real estate market activity in the 54 cities and towns that comprise the GBAR jurisdictional area. This report contains detailed data from the detached single-family home and condominium markets, including units sold, median price, average days on market, pending sales, and inventory levels, both for the most recent quarter and the same three-month period one year ago. Enjoy!

Year End Totals
2011 Single Family Totals -
   Click here  
2011 Single Family Adjacent Towns Totals -   Click here  
2011 Condo Totals -    Click here   
2011 Condo Adjacent Towns Totals -    Click here   


4th Quarter
Single Family -   Click here  
Single Family Adjacent Towns -   Click here  
Condo Market -   Click here  
Condo Adjacent Towns -    Click here   


3rd Quarter
Single Family -   Click here   
Single Family Adjacent Towns -   Click here   
Condo Market -    Click here    
Condo Adjacent Towns -      Click here     


2nd Quarter
Single Family -   Click here      
Single Family Adjacent Towns -   Click here    
Condo Market -   Click here   
Condo Adjacent Towns -   Click here   

1st Quarter
Single Family -  Click here     
Single Family Adjacent Towns -  Click here   
Condo Market -  Click here  
Condo Adjacent Towns -  Click here  




Please note: The prior year’s data in the current quarterly reports is updated to reflect the most current and accurate sales information fromn MLS Pin.
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