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MA Senate Advances Bill to Thwart Copper Theft in Homes

In mid-November, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® issued a Call-for-Action (CFA) that aimed to reduce the theft of copper pipes and other metals from vacant homes and distressed properties. With help from many of you who responded to this CFA, the measure was passed by the Massachusetts Senate and will now move to the House of Representatives for deliberations.

If passed, the legislation would establish a second hand metal registry in Massachusetts and impose criminal penalties on those who provide false information or knowingly receive stolen materials. It would also create an abandoned property registry through a two-year pilot program within the Attorney General’s Office and require property owners to register vacant and foreclosed properties within the state. The intent of the abandoned property registry is to encourage owners to keep their properties up to Code and will enable municipalities to monitor and locate responsible individuals should a property become a public nuisance.