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NAR Member Survey Shows REALTORS®’ Net Income up 25 percent in 2012

According to the 2013 NAR Member Survey, REALTORS® saw their incomes jump as well as their spending on technology this past year  as optimism within the market improved. The 72 question survey answered by 4,883 REALTORS® showed that REALTORS® made roughly 25 percent more than they did in 2011. The median income was $43,500 with an average of 12 transactions. After taxes and expenses, REALTORS® take home pay was $4,200 more than in 2011, which is a great improvement since they saw their net income decrease $1,400 from 2010. REALTORS® are also showing growing optimism about the profession in general, with 80 percent responding that they are “very certain” they will be a real estate professional for the next two years.

While REALTORS® made more money, they also spent more – a median of $4,900 – to operate their businesses, which is up from $4,520 in expenses in 2011. With a higher use of email, smartphones, personal websites, and other marketing tools they are spending more to maintain their business plan. For more results from the latest survey read the NAR News Release.