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GBAR to Host Fair Housing Summit in Honor of National Fair Housing Month

GBAR is committed to equal opportunity and access to housing for all by incorporating fair housing principles into their services. Fair Housing is a set of laws on the federal, state, and local levels which mandate equal access and opportunity to housing. It covers all housing related activities, from application and tenant selection processes to amenities, management policies, terms and conditions, and termination of tenancy. For more information on fair housing laws, issues, and concerns, fact sheets have been created by the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP).

Additionally, GBAR, along with Ann Seligsohn, education, outreach and disability specialist for the Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston are hosting a Fair Housing Summit on Tuesday, April 23.  At our two-course program you will earn four continuing education credits, but more importantly you’ll learn how to reduce your risk to legal liability and minimize the chances of having a complaint filed against you for discrimination and/or ethics violations. Specifically, you will receive instruction regarding: discriminatory words and terms to avoid in property ads and marketing materials; actions that constitute steering, redlining and blockbusting, and similar behavior that can be misinterpreted by home buyers as discriminatory acts; how to properly advise landlords on the rental of property with lead paint to avoid a violation of fair housing law against families with children; and readily achievable modifications to housing units and commercial buildings that comply with the public accommodations provisions of the ADA.

To register, visit our event webpage.