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The Board of Registration is always on the lookout for proper renewal of your real estate license, so be careful not to make any misrepresentations when renewing.

From time to time, the Board of Registration for Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons conducts random audits of licensed real estate agents to ensure compliance with the continuing education requirements. The current requirement is twelve hours of continuing education every two years if you intend to renew your license as active.

The continuing education requirement should be taken very seriously and you should be sure to keep records and certificates of the classes taken. If you have been contacted recently by the Board, it is not because you have been specifically targeted, rather, you have been randomly selected by the Board to show evidence that you have in-fact completed the requirement. If you cannot find your records or course certificates, contact the real estate school that offered the class and ask for a copy. Schools are required to maintain records on licensees who have take courses through their school.

The Board may impose disciplinary action against any licensee who fails to complete the twelve hour course requirement or who misrepresents information regarding the completion of those courses.

BE AWARE: if you have not fully completed each course before executing the renewal form under penalty of perjury and send it into the Board but take a course after that date, you are in violation and there will be disciplinary action against you if the Board becomes aware of it. In other words, if your renewal date is November 30th [Happy Birthday] and you execute the renewal form on November 15th to mail it in, but you take the last course to complete the 12 hours on November 20th, you are in violation of renewing. Because the form is signed under penalty of perjury that you have completed all the courses work, you have perjured yourself and that violated the law.