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REALTORS® at Political Conventions – What’s the Impact?

Members of NAR’s Leadership team and REALTORS® were in attendance at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this summer. In particular, GBAR member Paul Yorkis, of Patriot Real Estate in Medway, served as a delegate from Massachusetts at the DNC. Yorkis decided to become a delegate because real estate – among other issues – needs to be represented and addressed at the federal level. He knows how important it is to keep housing front and center when talking to lawmakers – especially the accessibility of the American dream of home ownership, as Yorkis himself experienced homelessness for a short time as a child.

“REALTORS® do amazing things. The reason I’m at the convention is because I believe it’s the little stuff that has the ability to impact politics,” Yorkis said.

Yorkis, who currently serves as Chairman of GBAR’s Awards and Professional Standards Committees,  did leave his mark at the DNC. He submitted testimony to the drafting and platform committee of the Democratic National Committee. Part of the platform deals with housing and the last sentence of the approved platform was adapted from Yorkis’s testimony. It states: “The president remains committed to creating an economy that’s built to last, where home ownership is an achievable dream for all Americans.

Yorkis was one of approximately 20 REALTORS® who served as delegates at the DNC this year. This video looks at how members of the National Association of REALTORS® had an impact that the convention and why political involvement – whether it be Republican or Democratic – is vital to the real estate industry.