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Legal Alert – Fair Housing Testers to Hit the Streets

Please be advised that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Suffolk University Law School have partnered to commence a program directed at identifying fair housing issues and violations within Boston and Massachusetts to eliminate discrimination and ensure fair and equal access to housing, public services, accommodations and participation in activities.

The partnership will pair up the Boston Fair Housing Commission with Suffolk University Law School's clinical program to conduct systemic and complaint-based fair housing testing. The testing will focus on LGBT, disability, and familial status issues, while the complaint-based testing will support state and local Fair Housing Assistance Programs.

As such, it is our understanding that the City of Boston’s Office of Civil Rights will commence fair housing testing very soon. So, this may be a good time to refresh your understanding of the Federal and Massachusetts Fair Housing Law, reviewing and establishing Uniform Office Policies and reminding your agents of how to comply with the law.