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Do You Have Buyer’s LOOKING for a Haunted House?

As the Boston area has a rich and lengthy history, as well as very distinct real estate, it is of great interest to a major national broadcaster to film here for a new TV series regarding haunted houses. As they have reached out to GBAR for help gathering numbers of incidents and buyers interested in finding a haunted house, we thought we would ask our members about this topic. Do you have any buyer’s actively looking for a haunted house? Have you had sellers tell you that they believe their house is haunted? At this stage, there would be no filming or publication of addresses or names - this is just the feasibility study for Boston.

Importantly, with respect to state law in Massachusetts regulating property disclosure issues, be mindful that a section of the Commonwealth’s consumer protection law – known as Chapter 93A – contains provisions about how to handle stigmatized properties. The language in the law states that absent specific inquiry about an incident by a prospective purchaser, there is no duty for the real estate broker to either investigate or affirmatively disclose murders, suicides, allegations of ghosts or other potential stigmas. However, if a consumer does ask, the broker or salesperson must answer the question regarding the stigma honestly and to the best of their knowledge.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us regarding this topic and possible information you might have, please  first review this flyer  and contact us with any questions.