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23 Federal Laws That Impact Your Business

Given today’s litigious environment, brokers and salespeople need to keep current with a multitude of legal and regulatory issues, including not only federal and state laws, but also Code of Ethics, MLS and broker policies.  This myriad of laws, statutes and disclosures can become overwhelming and difficult to research and apply to your everyday practice of real estate.  NAR has recently tried to make that task less burdensome by developing an interactive webpage that gives you 23 Federal Laws that Apply to Real Estate Sales.

The site is not an exhaustive list of all federal laws, for example Truth-in-Advertising is not included, but it is a concise summary of most of the general types of laws that a real estate licensee may cross paths with in their everyday business life.  In addition, the site is to be maintained and updated as new laws are developed.  Every broker and salesperson should save and incorporate this page into their own risk management resource.