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How to File For Mediation

The Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® encourage the use of mediation as a first-step toward resolution of conflicts and disputes arising out of real estate business transactions, as defined in Article 17 of the Code of Ethics and further explained in Standard of Practice 17-4.

Fast Facts

  • Mediation is a voluntary, informal dispute resolution process in which a trained, neutral third party (mediator) helps the disputing parties find and reach a mutually acceptable settlement of their dispute.
  • Mediation between REALTORS® (principals) and/or their clients is a voluntary process, requiring the consent and agreement of both of the parties.
  • Mediation is not a substitute for arbitration and its use does not relieve the Board or REALTORS® from the duties and obligations imposed by Article 17 of the Code of Ethics.

References and Resources
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Mediation Procedures (PDF) »
No Losers in Mediation (PDF) »

Request for Mediation (PDF) »
Agreement to Mediate (PDF) »
Interboard Agreement to Mediate (PDF) » (for disputes between REALTORS® who are members of another local board/association)