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Membership Application Process

REALTOR® Membership Individuals who, as sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers, or branch office managers, are engaged actively in the real estate profession, including buying, selling, exchanging, renting or leasing, managing, appraising for others for compensation, counseling, or financing, building, developing or subdividing real estate, and who maintain or are associated with an established real estate office in the state of Massachusetts or a state contiguous thereto. Individuals who are engaged in the real estate profession other than as sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers, or branch office managers and are associated with a REALTOR® Member.

Primary and secondary REALTOR® Members. An individual is a primary member if the Board pays state and National dues based on such Member. An individual is a secondary Member if state and National dues are remitted through another Board. One of the principals in a real estate firm must be a Designated REALTOR® member of the Board in order for licensees affiliated with the firm to select the Board as their "primary" Board.

Designated REALTOR® Members. Each firm (or office in the case of firms with multiple office locations) shall designate in writing one REALTOR® Member who shall be responsible for all duties and obligations of Membership including the obligation to arbitrate pursuant to Article 17 of the Code of Ethics as well as the payment of Board dues. The "Designated REALTOR®" must be a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer, or branch office manager acting on behalf of the firm's principal(s) and must meet all other qualifications for REALTOR® Membership.

Affiliate Membership. Affiliate Membership is a special category of membership reserved for individuals who are not actively engaged in the real estate profession, but who have an interest in the activities of the association, including access to resources, programs, services and information. Affiliate Membership is open to qualified individuals whose firms and businesses offer goods and services used by real estate professionals and/or their clients and customers.

Life Membership
Any member of the Board who has held continuous membership in good standing for not less than ten (10) years, has had the privilege of identifying himself or herself as a REALTOR® for not less than thirty (30) years and has reached the age of sixty-five (65) is eligible to apply for life membership with the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. Applications are reviewed by the GBAR Board of Directors based on outstanding and effective service to the local REALTOR® association and or Board over a number of years.
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New Hire/Termination Form
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Note: Eligibility and qualification for membership in the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® is governed by Articles IV, V and VI of the Bylaws of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board (link to GBREB Bylaws PDF) and the membership policies of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Please refer to the GBREB Bylaws for more extensive information.

For more information, contact GBAR at 617-423-8700.