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The Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® invites nominations of current GBAR members for the 2016 REALTOR® Spirit Award.  This award has been created to recognize agents and brokers who, through their everyday actions, consistently demonstrate the ideals that embody the very meaning of the term “REALTOR®”. 

Defining REALTOR® Spirit: The ideal nominee is an unsung hero within the real estate profession who supports other industry practitioners through actions, words and cooperation.  Recipients are known for their strong professional ethics, a cooperative spirit, and willingness to share business knowledge, industry experience and personal time to help others succeed in their career.  Honorees may be accomplished sales agents, managers or business owners, but are often better known and respected for their optimism and enthusiasm, integrity and work ethic, and civic involvement, charitable contributions, and leadership in the local business community. 

Award Eligibility:  To be eligible, individuals must be a REALTOR® or Designated REALTOR® in good standing with the association and state licensing authority, and must have held membership in the REALTOR® organization for a minimum of three years and membership in GBAR/GBREB for at least one year at the time of nomination.  Judging shall be based on a demonstrated ability to inspire colleagues and or employees to grow personally and/or professionally over the prior 12-24 months.

Name of Nominee:   

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Nominee’s Position/Title in Firm:   

Please describe in detail below and on the back the personal characteristics and conduct of the nominee for the period from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 that exemplify the REALTOR® Spirit and qualify them as a worthy recipient of the award.  (If necessary, please attached additional pages of commentary and any relevant news articles you wish to submit via email to johnd@gbreb.com)

1.   Professional Ethics/Commitment to Principles of Organized Real Estate  (REQUIRED)
(Cite examples to demonstrate nominee’s promotion of and adherence to real estate license law, state business regulations, and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.)


2.   Cooperative Spirit and Mentoring (REQUIRED)
(Cite actions and initiatives implemented by the nominee that illustrate their support for the personal growth of associates/colleagues and willingness to help others succeed in their real estate career.)


3.   Integrity and Ability to Inspire Others (REQUIRED)
(Describe how the nominee’s personal beliefs, work ethic, and energy and optimism inspire fellow REALTORS® and others to improve or excel in the real estate profession.)


4.   Civic and Charitable Involvement & Business Achievements  (OPTIONAL)
(Cite relevant group memberships and/or volunteer roles and activities the nominee holds or has performed, and notable awards/achievements earned in the local community.)  


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GBAR Awards Committee
Greater Boston Association of REALTORS®
One Center Plaza, Mezzanine Suite
Boston, MA 02108

Application Deadline: May 1, 2016