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 REALTOR Safety Month

 The Power of Progressive Boundary Setting for Building Personal Safety

September 12, 2013 | 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Greater Boston Real Estate Board, 1 Center Plaza, Mezzanine Suite | Boston, MA
Cost: FREE!!*

This interactive presentation uses group participation, role playing, and discussion to illustrate:

1. How Progressive Boundary Setting is the foundation of society’s and the individual’s means to enforce boundaries and limit unwanted behavior.
2. How violence and insecurity result from the breakdown of the inter-related concepts of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement.
3. How to use the Progressive Fence of Body Language, Assertive Phrases, and Physical Actions to de-escalate, deter, and disrupt unwanted aggression and predatory behavior.

Instructor:  Eric Kondo, Founder of NOT-ME! Inc., a non-profit organization that provides education on self-defense to at-risk individuals. (www.not-me.org). The main focus of NOT-ME! training is "what it takes" to survive aggression and the mental and emotional aspects of self-defense as illustrated by the NOT-ME! strategy of DECIDE – DETER – DISRUPT - DISENGAGE.  This is a seminar you do not want to miss!

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*All dates, locations, and topics are subject to change.