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Andrew F Hickey Award 

The Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® invites your nomination of an individual for the 2015 GBAR Distinguished Service Award. This is the ultimate recognition for the dedicated service of that very special REALTOR® who has always set themselves apart as a leader.  They are individuals who have held membership on the board for 15 years and are recognized as a local leader whose performance of service and involvement on the Board, the local real estate industry, and civic organizations is extraordinary. They are the member who is always called to serve on special task forces and work groups to resolve matters of a critical nature. They are respected by everyone in the industry and community, and are a source of knowledge and experience to business colleagues and within the community.

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Completion of sections 1-4 is required, sections 5-6 are optional.

1. Describe how your nominee has demonstrated exceptional service as a member of the Board for at least 15 years.


2.    Describe how your nominee has demonstrated leadership on the Board and the local real estate    industry such as having held office as director of GBAR, GBREB and/or representing the Board    of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, Board of Directors, committees, and contribution    to Political Action Committee and/or the Presidents Circle/1889 Society.


 3.    Describe how your nominee has demonstrated extraordinary performance and involvement in political and community activities.


4.    Describe how your nominee is the member who is called to serve on special task forces and work groups to resolve matters of a critical nature.


5.    Describe how your nominee is a leader, who supports non-profit, charitable organizations including contributions to the GBREB Foundation.


6.    Describe how your nominee is respected by everyone within the REALTOR® community as a source knowledge and experience.




Greater Boston Association of Realtors®,
One Center Plaza, Mezzanine Suite, Boston, MA 02108  |  Fax: 617 338-2600

Application Deadline:  May 15, 2015