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Frequently Asked Questions

Transition from Instanet e-FORMS to e-FORMS by Reveal Systems’ TrueForms™

  1. Why is GBAR switching vendors for the online forms library?

At GBAR, our goal is to provide our members with the most value for their membership dues dollars and that means providing the highest quality products and services.  In 2007, a task force of members who were charged with examining whether the current forms product was the best product for our members, recommended we enter into an agreement with Reveal Systems for its TrueForms™ product.  This platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate, provides many custom branding and advanced editing features and delivers superior customer service.  In our opinion, Reveal Systems’s product will allow our members and others to refocus their business systems to save time and increase productivity.

  1. Are e-FORMS by Reveal Systems’ TrueForms™ a better product than e-FORMS by Instanet?

We believe e-FORMS by Reveal Systems will allow our members to be more productive with the user-friendly interface that the TrueForms™ platform provides as well as its superior customer support.

  1. Do I have to pay for the new service by Reveal Systems?

No, e-FORMS by TrueForms™ is a complimentary component of your GBAR membership. 

  1. Does e-FORMS by Reveal Systems have all the same capabilities as Instanet’s  e-FORMS platform?

While some capabilities will be different, most are the same plus several more.  TrueForms™ is compatible with the transaction management systems SettlementRoom™, SureClose™ and TransactionPoint™.  Unlike Instanet, TrueForms™ has a bookmark feature, unlimited sticky notes and margin notes for forms, a highlight and click strikeout feature and the online and desktop user interface are identical when using TrueForms™.

  1. Are e-FORMS by Reveal Systems’ TrueForms™ and e-FORMS by Instanet compatible?

e-FORMS by Reveal Systems and e-FORMS by Instanet are not compatible, which means if you’re making the switch to e-FORMS by Reveal Systems you’ll need to save any of your old files you wish to keep on an external storage device or on your computer’s hard drive.

  1. How do I save a document created with e-FORMS by Instanet?

When in the document “click” on the File Cabinet Icon: then “Archive the form to your local computer,” Follow to “Archive Flattened” and then click on “Archive.”  The document will be automatically sent to your email address as a PDF file that you can download on your computer.

  1. For customer support to receive help with the systems, whom should we call?

There is a toll-free help line specifically for GBAR members transitioning to Reveal Systems.  Just call 1-866-790-8783 during support hours: M-F 10:00 am – 7:00 pm EDT.

  1. Where can I go to learn more about e-FORMS by Reveal SystemsTrueForms™?

Reveal Systems has a variety of resources on its website to learn about TrueForms. When you log into the site, you will note the online, easy to use training materials including a Quick Start Video, a PDF Quick Start Guide and a Power Point Quick Start Guide.  The “How To” sections will take you step by step from getting started with a PDF, sending Email From TrueForms™ Online to Creating Forms Packages.

  1. If my broker switches platforms, do I have to?

The platform is being changed by GBREB for all its members, not individual brokers. As such, individual members can choose to stay with Instanet’s e-FORMS at a cost of $49 per year or receive the free e-FORMS being offered by Reveal Systems.  Please note that if you choose to remain with Instanet you must contact the company directly at (800) 668-8768.

  1. Can I switch back to eForms if I don’t like TrueForms™?

Yes, you can contact Instanet directly at (800) 668-8768 to resume your e-FORMS service with them.  Please note there is a cost of $49 per year when using Instanet’s e-FORMS. 

  1. Are e-FORMS by TrueForms™ compatible with other transaction management software?

Yes, TrueForms™ is compatible with SettlementRoom™, SureClose™ and TransactionPoint™.

  1. Are e-FORMS by TrueForms™ compatible with Macs?

No, TrueForms™ is a PC only based system. Reveal Systems anticipates coming out with a platform independent system in late 2010. In the interim, we understand that numerous users are using TrueForms Desktop and Online with their Macintosh’s utilizing “Windows emulator” software for the Mac. While the system does not support it natively we know that a number of users out there are working with it successfully.

  1. Will GBREB still be offering the office and network versions they offered with the current platform?

No, the Internet Office Version and the Network CD version will no longer be offered.  For those who previously purchased the Internet Office version or Network version, you will need to purchase multiple Individual Desktop or Individual Internet versions.

  1. What versions will GBREB be offering with the new platform?

GBREB will still be offering an Individual Desktop Version [same as Individual CD but now only downloaded] and Individual Internet Version. Additionally, we will be offering a new feature, “Custom Office Forms Site,” see below for further details.

  1. What is the “Custom Office Forms Site?”

A Custom Office Forms Site will allow your company to have its own individual Site ID for agents to log in to and allows you to add your company’s custom contracts and other documents that you desire be made available only to your agents.  In others words, your agents can have access to all documents you desire they utilize on the same platform and in the same forms library.  Taking advantage of the custom site feature also allows you to incorporate any company or corporate logo onto the forms thus providing you with instant branding as logos will automatically appear on all documents; and, a direct URL that you can place on your own web site or intranet site.

  1. What is the cost associated with a “Custom Office Forms Site?”

The cost of establishing a Custom Office Forms Site is $600.00 per company [includes one time set-up and cost per year fees] plus a standard fee of $135.00 per page.  Further, there is a $350.00 fee per year renewal fee.

   17.   How can I order a Custom Office Forms Site?

Download a Custom Site Order Form, which can be mailed or faxed directly to GBREB upon completion.  Upon processing of payment, you will receive a “Custom Forms Agreement” and coordinate the uploading of information, your logo/branding and forms directly with Reveal Systems, Inc.

   18.   Where can I find additional information?

You can read more at www.gbar.org/TrueForms.  Further, please do not hesitate to contact Dave Lena at 617-399-7864 or via e-mail at dlena@gbreb.com.