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TrueForms Online Support FAQs

System Requirements
Windows® 2000, Windows® XP service pack 2, Windows® 2003 and Windows® Vista
Pentium III 500mhz or better 
(256MB Recommended, 1GIG on Vista)
15mb Hard Disk Space
Display 16bit high color 1024x768 or higher is recommended
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0.2800 or higher
A high speed internet connection.
It is recommended that you have all high priority Windows updates installed.

Starting TrueForms
Q – I click on the green “Start TrueForms Online” button and nothing happens.  What should I do?

A – Check the following items

Internet Explorer

Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 6 or higher.  TrueForms Online will not run from Mozilla Firefox.

To check the version of Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer and go to Help/About Internet Explorer

Make sure the version shown is at least 6.0.

Adding TrueForms Online to your trusted sites

Internet Explorer may require you to add the TrueForms Online website to your trusted sites list before the program will run.

You should only have to do this once on each system.

In Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options

Click on the Security tab at the top

Click on Trusted Sites (the green checkmark)

Click on the Sites button

Click on Add

If you are on the login page this will add https://www.trueformsonline.com  to the Trusted sites list. 

If you are not at the login page first type in: https://www.trueformsonline.com

Click Close

Click on the Default Level button

Click on Apply and then click on OK

Enable the TFLauncher Add-on

In Internet Explorer go to: Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Enable or Disable Add-Ons

Locate TFLauncherCtrl Class If TFLauncher is not listed, click on the drop-down arrow next to “Show” and select “Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer

If TFLauncherCtrl Class is disabled, highlight it on the list and under settings: click on Enable and then click OK

Close all Internet Explorer Windows.

Log in to TrueForms Online again and click the Green “Start TrueForms

Online” button

Make sure you have installed the TrueForms Online Plug-In

Once you have logged in and get to the page with the Green “Start TrueForms Online” button, click on the tab marked “Downloads & Plug-Ins”

Click on “Install TrueForms Plug-In”

Select RUN to download and then RUN to install.

When the install is complete click on the “Start TrueForms Online” button

Pop-Up Blockers

Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker

Go to Tools -> Pop-Up Blocker

If you have an option to ‘Turn ON’ pop-up blocker you can skip this section as the IE Pop-Up blocker isn’t running on your machine.

If you have an option to ‘Turn OFF’ pop-up blocker, the IE Pop-Up blocker is running and you will need to add www.trueformsonline.com and www.trueformsol.com to the list of allowed sites.

Adding Allowed Sites:

Go to Tools -> Pop-Up Blocker -> Pop-Up Blocker Settings

In the “Address of website to allow” type in each site address above and click ADD.

When both have been added and show under “Allowed Sites”, click CLOSE.

Google Pop-Up Blocker

If you don’t see the Google toolbar or you aren’t sure if you have it, while in Internet Explorer go to View -> Toolbars.

If you see Google on the list but there is not a checkmark in front of it,  click on it to put one there.  Now you should be able to see the toolbar. Notice there is a button that shows how many Pop-Ups have been blocked  (for example: “5 Blocked’.  Click on the button so it says “Pop-Ups Allowed”.

If the program still won’t launch make sure the TrueForms window is not behind the browser window (hint:  look down on your toolbar for more than one TrueForms button).

If it still won’t launch please call support at 303-500-1140.

Q – I click on the green “Start TrueForms Online” button and I get an error message.  Now what?

A – Depending on the security on your particular machine see below for possible error messages and their solution

Error Message:  Unable to connect to ftp.trueformsonline.com

Solution:  This is caused when a firewall application (such as Norton, Trend, McAfee, Zone Alarm, etc. is blocking the TrueForms Plug-in from accessing the internet.  Make sure that your firewall program is set to allow the TrueFormsOL.exe application to the internet.

Error Message:  Unable to connect to the TrueForms server

Solution:  This is caused when a user does not have the proper permissions on the computer.  TrueForms Online is installed to Program Files\Reveal\Trueforms\Online.  This folder needs to have full permissions set for any system user accounts that will be accessing the TrueForms program.

Error Message:  Runtime Error!  This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Solution:  If your computer is running on the Vista Operating system Click on the Vista “Start” button and go to “All Programs”

Select “TrueForms Online”

Select “Open Folder”.

Right click on the TrueFromsOL.exe file and select “Properties”

Select the Compatibility Tab.

Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”

Check the box at the bottom “Run this program as administrator”

Click Apply then OK.

Exit out of all Internet Explorer windows then log back in and Start TrueForms.

Error Message:  TrueForms Online failed to Start

Solution:  Above the TrueForms Online logo look for a white or pale yellow strip running across the page that notifies you to     install the ActiveX control: TFLauncher.  Click on that strip and RUN and/or INSTALL.  Once installed the TrueForms program will normally launch automatically.

Error Message:  This application has failed to start because the Application Configuration is incorrect.  Reinstalling the   application may fix this problem.

Solution:  Using MyComputer or Computer (for Vista users)

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Reveal\TrueForms\Online and double click on VCREDIST.MSI.  Wait until the install window (installing 2005 Redistributables) disappears.  Exit out of all Internet Explorer windows and log back in and Start TrueForms Online. 

Q – Why does TrueForms Online require Admin rights to install the plug-in?

A – TrueForms has to install runtime files and register files with the operating system.  These procedures require Admin rights to perform.

The runtime files that TrueForms Online installs are:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2

If these files are not currently installed on the target systems they will be installed by the TrueForms Online installer.  TrueForms needs to register the following files with the system:

                        Program Files\Reveal\TrueForms\Online\tflauncher.dll

                        Program Files\Reveal\TrueForms\Online\csftxctl.ocx

Q – How do I manually register the TrueForms files with the Operating System?

A - The files should be registered on install.  If, however, they are not and you need to register see below:

Windows XP–Click on the Windows “Start” button and select “Run”


Windows Vista – Click on the Vista Start button, then go to All Programs –>Accessories - > Command Prompt

And then:

Register tflauncher.dll

Click on the Windows “Start” button and select “Run”

Type: regsvr32  “C:\Program Files\Reveal\Trueforms\Online\tflauncher.dll”

Click on “OK” -  you should receive a dll registered successfully message.

Register csftxctl.ocx

Click on the Windows “Start” button and select “Run”

Type: regsvr32  “C:\Program Files\Reveal\Trueforms\Online\csftxctl.ocx”

Click on “OK” -  you should receive a dll registered successfully message.

Q – Where does TrueForms Online get installed?

A – TrueForms Online is installed to: Program Files\Reveal\TrueForms\Online

Q – When used with multiple users on the same computer with different system logins what permissions need to be granted for TrueForms Online?

A – The folder Program Files\Reveal\Trueforms\Online needs to have full permissions set for any system user accounts that will be accessing the TrueForms program.

Q – We have a corporate level firewall, what ports does TrueForms Online use?

A – TrueForms Online uses secure ftp to transfer files, transactions and menus from and to the servers. The following is a list of the secure servers TrueForms uses when connecting and what ports to allow access on:


Ports: 21, 989, and 990 -> standard ftp and secure cert transfer open

Port Range: 28000-28010 -> port range for file transfer - open

Q – I am running Windows Vista does TrueForms run on Vista?

A – Yes TrueForms runs on the Vista OS.   See instructions under the error message “Runtime Error!  This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.”