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The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards®

Laboratory Category

Laboratory Building Category
Only for local BOMA Boston TOBY Awards. Winners will not advance to Regional or International competition.

All buildings that are comprised of a mixture of office space and laboratory space. The building must consist of a minimum 40% laboratory space.

1. The building must be a member, or managed by an entity that is a member, in good standing with both BOMA Boston and BOMA International in order to compete at the regional and/or international levels. Specifically, all membership fees, and any other debt, must be paid prior to entry.

2. The building must be at least 3 years old from the date of occupancy of the first tenant by June 2012.

3. A minimum of 40% of the building’s space must be currently designated as Lab Space.

4. Each building may enter in only one category.

5. Laboratory entrants must show best efforts used to maintain utility efficiencies for the building.

6. An entrant may choose to enter multiple buildings as a single entry only if the buildings are owned by the same company, managed by the same company and the buildings are managed as a single entity. All entries must disclose whether their entry is a single building or multiple buildings.

ENTRY FEE for Laboratory Category
The cost to enter your building in the BOMA Boston TOBY Awards is $150, made payable by check to BOMA Boston. All fees must be paid prior to the TOBY Awards Competition.

1. Judging will occur at the local level only for the Laboratory Category.

2. Building inspections must take place at the local level of competition to ensure the entry meets the eligibility requirements and is registered in the correct category.

If you win the Laboratory TOBY, you will receive one trophy. If you wish to order additional trophies, you will be invoiced and paid in full prior to the delivery of the additional trophies.

All Local entries for the Laboratory Category are required to submit (2) hard copies for the committee to review. The easiest way to submit your hard copy is in a bound tabbed packet or binder.

• BOMA Boston Deadline – Friday, September 7th (All Laboratory Category Entries must be postmarked and mailed to BOMA Boston no later than September 4th)

• Judging – Friday, September 7th through Monday, October 15, 2012

• BOMA Boston TOBY Awards – Thursday, November 15, 2012

Building Registration Information:

Category, building name, address, year built, year renovated (if applicable), owner, management company, building manager, BOMA member name and member number, as well as the name, phone number, e-mail and address of the person who will receive all correspondence. All entries must disclose whether their entry is a single building or multiple buildings. Please include this information on a cover sheet with your hard copy entry. All entries must have a cover sheet with the Building Registration Information.

Photograph Requirements
• Do not use photographic collages-single images only please.

Descriptive/Summary Text Requirements
• Maximum Character Count:
8000 (unless otherwise specified) All character counts include spaces.

Text within required supporting documents does not count against character limits.

Please note these specifications are for the Laboratory Category Only. Strict adherence to the portfolio specifications listed herein is required. Please note that the all other awards have different specifications.

Section I- (30 Points)

1. Building Description:
Year  built, building owner and whether owner occupied/multi-tenant/single tenanted or other, List each Building Name, Number of Floors to include Floor Plate Square Footage, Acreage, and an Exterior Building Description (type of facade, windows, roof etc)   Provide a summary of the physical description of the building(s) and property to include  base building mechanicals, typical office cfm/sqft & lab cfm/sqft,  laboratory vs. office ratio, current occupancy rate, number of tenants, typical floor-to-deck height, floor load psf, parking ratio and common area factor. 

2. Building Operations & Standards:
Provide single paragraph descriptions of the following:

1. Lobby/Atrium Standard Finishes, functionality, amenities/retail (if applicable)

2. Utilities, Watts/sqft, incoming electrical (redundancy if applicable), reheat & radiation systems, boilers, Detail any redundancies.

3. Elevators

4. HVAC & Exhaust Distribution Systems. Include any redundancy with systems.

5. Fire Life Safety Systems. Explain any specific procedures for the local Fire Department based on tenants chemical/flammable inventory.

6. Loading Dock & Parking operations.

7. Emergency Generator/Back up Power- Briefly list what is served by the Emergency Generator.

8. Tenant adherence to Laboratory departure criteria (ie:decommissioning and/or post departure reporting process)

9. Management of tenant flammable, chemical, biohazard, radiological inventory (if applicable).

10. Review of wastewater procedure.

3. Competition Photographs:
Provide the following photographs of your building(s):

• 2 exterior

• 1 interior (lobby and hallways)

• 1 standard tenant area

• 1 central plant or main mechanical room (chiller, fire pump or boiler room)

• 2 additional photographs, the subject matter of which is the entrant’s choice

4. Award Ceremonies Photograph
In addition to the competition photos, all regional entries must submit one high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) 11’’ x 14’’ color JPEG (JPG) of the building’s exterior for display at the awards ceremonies. All Laboratory entries must include a CD with the Awards Ceremony photo in their hard copy entr

5. Typical Floor Plan and Site Plan

Include up to (3) typical floor plans.

Include a site plan or an aerial photograph. Aerial photograph should show the building(s) and property boundary lines.

Section II- 15 points

6. Community Impact
Provide a written description of the building management’s impact on the community. For example: jobs provided (as a direct result of the building’s existence), amenities to the community or the corporate environment (parks, blood drives, special events, etc.), tax impact (provide special assessments for roads, sewers, etc.), recognition awards, letters and roads and other transportation improvements. If the impact can be quantified as additional income for the community or charitable event or has some type of savings associated with the impact, please describe. When describing the current year’s events, please note programs and how long they have been in place. In addition, please describe how the building management’s efforts in this area have helped make the property a benefit to the local community.  Only include corporate donations/activities if Entrant can describe how the onsite management team personally participated.

A maximum of three PDF documents reflecting the events being described are allowed.

This area should not be confused with Tenant Relations. Please indicate services that relate to the community and not to the tenants.  Entrants may include a maximum of three PDF
documents reflecting the events being described such as posters, flyers, newsletters and charity acknowledgement letters.

7. Tenant Relations
Provide a summary of the Tenant Relations efforts and/or programs sponsored by building management within the last 12 months. Describe all proactive efforts on the part of management working with Tenants such as forms of communication as well as your maintenance service request process and procedure. Describe tenant amenities available such as health facilities, childcare and food service. Indicate if tenant satisfaction surveys were conducted including the frequency and the date the last survey was last completed and the results. Provide an explanation of the major findings and the action/s management took to share results, alleviate concerns and/or problems, and/or ensure that acceptable and “popular” procedures and activities were maintained. Each entry may provide up to 3 samples of tenant appreciation letters, 2 newsletters, 3 photographs reflecting the events being described and the table of contents from their tenant manual. Please do not include the entire manual.

Include routine meetings with tenant facilities team, inspections of spaces, and any management office coordinated events as they relate to laboratories or life science.

Entrants may provide a maximum of 3 samples of tenant appreciation letters, 2 newsletters, 3 photographs reflecting the events being described and the table of contents from their tenant manual. Do not include the entire manual or photograph collages. (Only single images).

Section III- (25 Points)

8a. Building Staff/Tenant Education

Describe any programs in place to educate building operations staff, property managers, engineers, leasing agents, and other personnel such as tenants about the importance of and methods for energy conservation. This may include encouraging or requiring participation in BOMA Energy Efficiency Program, ENERGY STAR ® training sessions, Go Green Best Practices, pursuing industry certification and professional development programs.

8b. Building Operations and Maintenance

Building Operations and Maintenance
Describe your building maintenance procedures and how they contribute to energy conservation. This should include the following as well as any additional procedures followed:

• Preventative maintenance programs

• System documentation- ongoing unscheduled maintenance tracking 

• Equipment and system performance monitoring (ie: infrared testing, air balancing, hood certifications, etc..) 

Provide a description of the steps taken to improve the energy performance of your building over the last three years.

8c. Building EMS Monitoring
Describe type of program and how it’s function(s) are utilized to optimize efficiency and provide tenant comfort and safety.  If applicable, include non-business hour operational reductions and if 24/7 facility then any night setback reductions.
Provide measureable results demonstrating reduction in energy and improved performance002E.

8d. Additional Certifications/Awards
Describe certifications and/or awards you have received that relate to energy conservation
that may or may not be related to ENERGY STAR ®.  Attach a copy of the certification/award.

Section IV- 30 points

9. Environmental, Regulatory and Sustainability
Describe a minimum of 6 programs of which at least 3 should be related to Environmental and Regulatory and at least 3 related to Sustainability.

Environmental & Regulatory:
Describe the policies and procedures in place at the building. This may include accessibility for disabled tenants and visitors, indoor air quality management and testing, storage tank management, generator testing and management, hazardous waste management, asbestos management, emergency clean up, blood borne pathogen program, pandemic preparedness and tenant environmental management and compliance. Please include any additional environmental and regulatory policies and procedures not mentioned above that are being followed.

Describe the policies and procedures in place at the building. This may include storm water management, green friendly landscape management, integrated pest control management, green cleaning, green purchasing policy, exterior building maintenance management plan, waste management and recycling, lamp disposal, water reduction and management and traffic reduction initiatives. Please include any additional sustainable policies and procedures not mentioned above that are being followed. When describing these policies and procedures explain if they are mandated by local, state and/or federal compliance or other. If these programs are not mandated, explain the purpose for implementing.

10. Emergency Preparedness and Security Standards
Provide a summary of procedures and programs for Life Safety, Fire, Disaster and Security standards. You can include a table of contents of your emergency preparedness and security standards manual(s). Include how fire and evacuation drills are conducted, how often and when. Describe training for property management and tenants as well as recovery procedures. If you work with local first responders and conduct live training,

explain how this is accomplished. Provide a summary about your Business Continuity Plan and if drills are conducted how they are documented and communicated.

11. Training for Building Personnel
Describe any Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) training for staff at time of hire as well as frequency of ongoing retraining.
Provide a list of qualifications for building staff, a building specific organization chart (PDF) and a photograph of the building management team (JPEG). Please describe the following: on-going training programs for building personnel including seminars, in-house training and continuing education completed as well as designations, participation in professional organizations and team building and how this is managed for all personnel. Detail prior year and current year training plus future plans.

NOTES: Please highlight any BOMA Boston or BOMA International training you provide, along with other means of training and education.

12. Briefly list any features or operations that are unique to your property such as snow removal operations, landscaping, conservation land, large fitness centers, future accommodations provided, etc…

13. Largest challenge your property faces from the operational perspective.

14. Best success story related to your property in the past 3 years.

Deadline to Submit is Friday, September 7th

Please note that the Laboratory Building Category is only eligible for the local BOMA Boston TOBY Awards and winners will not advance to the Regional or International Competition. The Laboratory Category cannot submit entries on the BOMA International Website. To submit an entry for the Laboratory Category two hard copies must be sent directly to BOMA Boston. Please include a CD with your Awards Ceremony photograph with your hard copy entry.

All Laboratory Entries Should be mailed to:

BOMA Boston
Attn 2012 TOBY & Industry Awards
One Center Plaza, Mezzanine Suite
Boston, MA 02108

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