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BOMA - DC  2012

More than 300 BOMA members from across the country took to the halls of Capitol Hill during BOMA International’s recent National Issues Conference to ask lawmakers to support commercial real estate’s issues on taxes, energy efficiency and ADA compliance.  Members of BOMA Boston met with Representative Michael Capuano (D-8th), Representative John Tierney (D-6th) and staff from the office of Representative Steven Lynch (D-9th).

pic 1 boma dc 2012
Members of BOMA Boston Visit Washington DC

pic 2 boma dc 2012
Scott Sidman, John Sullivan, Amy Garanin, Erica Clarke, Rob Brierly

pic 3 boma dc 2012
Rob Brierley, Erica Clarke, Congressman John Tierney (D-6th), John Sullivan, Amy Garanin, Scott Sidman, Patricia Baumer

pic 4 boma dc 2012
Rob Brierley, Patricia Baumer, John Sullivan, Congressman Michael Capuano (D-8th), Erica Clarke, Amy Garanin, Scott Sidman

pic 5 boma dc 2012
United States Capitol