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Building Boston 2030 Series
in partnership with Suffolk University

Building Boston 2030 is an ongoing series of Forums produced in partnership with the Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk University on topics that affect real estate, the economy, the political landscape as well as the general public in the Greater Boston area. The panels are designed to be thought provoking and are comprised of leaders, educators and professionals from across the country. Building Boston 2030 Forums are offered at no charge and are held on campus at Suffolk University.

Past programs include:

  • Building Boston 2030: Should Boston Go Bigger

  • Building Boston 2030: Casinos: Deal us in?

  • Building Boston 2030: Micro-housing: ReThinking Urban Living

  • Building Boston 2030: Is being the smartest city enough?

  • Boston 2024: Boston Going for the gold 2014

  • Building Boston 2030: MBTA Just Fix It

  • Building Boston 2030: Downtown Crossing-Back in Business