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2011 Monthly Housing Market Reports

In an effort to more closely monitor housing market activity in metropolitan Boston, the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® (GBAR) compiles a variety of monthly data reports which provide insight  into the current performance and longer-term trends within the detached single-family home and condominium markets within the GBAR jurisdictional area.

Both the monthly Statistical Data chart and more detailed Monthly Market Indicators Report follow key measures of housing market activity across the full 54 city-and-town GBAR jurisdiction, featuring annual and month-to-month comparisons on closed sales, median selling price, inventory levels, pending sales, and average time on the market for sold property.   Within the Monthly Market Indicators Report, you also will find data on percent of original list price to sales price, and a housing affordability index for Greater Boston.   Additionally, our separate narrative summary offers a brief analysis of the factors affecting market activity and provides historical perspective on the current month’s data and broader market trends.

To view and download individual one page market snapshots for each of the 54 cities and town’s within the GBAR jurisdiction, as well as 10 communities adjacent to the GBAR jurisdiction, visit the Local Market Update (LMU)  Reports page.  You can also access quarterly data for the single-family home and condominium markets by community for the years 2006-present via Real Estate Rewind, our association’s online quarterly market report. 

GBAR members may print and distribute the Monthly Market Indicators, Local Market Update, and Real Estate Rewind reports in whole or in part, for business and marketing use as long as proper sourcing of data is provided. 

December 2011       Statistical Data   |   Narrative Summary Report 

November 2011     Statistical Data   |   Narrative Summary Report   

October 2011       Statistical Data   |   Narrative Summary Report   

September 2011   Statistical Data   |   Narrative Summary Report  

August 2011        Statistical Data  |  Narrative Summary Report  

July 2011            Statistical Data  |  Narrative Summary Report 

June 2011          Statistical Data  |   Narrative Summary Report  

May 2011          Statistical Data  |  Narrative Summary Report 

April 2011        Statistical Data | Narrative Summary Report

March 2011      Statistical Data | Narrative Summary Report

February 2011    Statistical Data  |  Narrative Summary Report 

January 2011   Statistical Data   |  Narrative Summary Report 

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